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Itone Eye Drops

Itone Eye Drops

Pack size: 10 ml / 0.33 oz

A sterile soothing antiseptic solution that cools the eyes and protects them.

Based on the Ayurveda System of Healing, it is a unique product that protects the eyes from continuous strains, glare of lights and various forms of pollution.

  • Ayurvedic Preparation
  • Keeps Eyes Cool
  • Lustrous & Healthy
  • Clears The Vision

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  • Indications:

    Eye Strain

    Eye Redness

    Eye Dryness

    Eye Watering

    Burning Sensation

    Itchy Eyes

    Eye Allergies

    Eyelid Bump (Stye)

    Acuity of Vision

  • Diseases:




    Corneal Ulcers


    Lenticular Opacity




  • Description:

    Itone is used for protecting the eyes from continuous eye strain, glare of lights and various forms of pollution. It is also used to maintaining the acuity of vision in all jobs where continuous and precise activities of eyes are needed. It works as an antiseptic lotion without any harmful effect to the eye tissue.


    1-2 Drops 3 to 4 times daily in both eyes.


    Keep away from heat and light. Use within one month after opening or before the expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Each 10 ml contains aqueous extracts of:

Nimba - 562.50 mg
Sobhanjana - 562.50 mg
Bhringaraj - 562.50 mg
Punarnava - 562.50 mg
Nirgundi - 562.50 mg
Tulsi Patra - 562.50 mg
Satapatri - 150 mg
Yamani - 69.50 mg
Haritaki - 46.25 mg
Bibhitaka - 46.25 mg
Dhatriphala - 46.25 mg
Haridra - 92.50 mg
Karpuram - 6.95 mg
Pudina satwa - 1.85 mg
Madhu - 92.50 mg
Ela - 27.75 mg
Swet Chandan - 69.50 mg
Rakta Chandan - 69.50 mg
Mukta - 0.93 mg
Saindhava laban - 13.88 mg


Phenylethyl alcohol USP - 0.05% v/v
Benzalkonium Chloride Solution IP - 0.02% v/v

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